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Why can't the oil lamp be replaced by zero watt bulb?

The Science behind Ancient Indian Culture, Traditions

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Are all superstitions really "superstitions"?

Some of the Indian superstitions are followed because of Indian mythology, many are passed down from our ancestors and simply followed out of habit, while some are based on scientific reasoning. How do we  separate  superstition from tradition? Superstition is an irrational but usually deep-seated belief in the magical effects of a particular action or ritual and is an integral part of almost every culture around the world.  Superstition is not based on reason, knowledge, or experience. Superstition is also applied to beliefs and practices surrounding luck, prophecy and spiritual beings, particularly the irrational belief that future events can be influenced or foretold by specific unrelated prior events. Culture is distinctly human and is transmitted through learning traditions and customs that govern behavior.  There are many ways in which people differ from one another by virtue of traditions handed down through the generations, and these are often admirable and worthy of respe

Aryan Invasion Theory?

 What's the truth behind Aryan Invasion Theory? The theory of the  Aryan invasion  (or migration) was first put forward by Western scholars during the colonial age. It maintained that a race of European or Central Asian “Aryans” swept into the subcontinent displacing the indigenous Indus Valley Civilisation. These Aryans were said to have introduced key elements of Indian culture such as the Sanskrit language – which gave rise to the Indo-Aryan branch of languages spoken all across north, west and east India today – as well as the Vedas, the foundational texts of Hinduism.  This went against Hindutva’s own imagination of India, in which all significant cultural development was held to be indigenous.  Some of what the term “Aryan” once referred to has been proved to be scientifically inaccurate. The Nazis, for example, mistook what is a language grouping to be a racial one. Please refer the following links to be relevant on your views: Who Were the Shudras? - Wikipedia The Arctic Ho

Which is the religion?

Every religion in this world, have every similarity amongst them as they all focus on the ultimate truth, all the great individuals who are known as belonging to a particular religion, never told the humoristic falsity that other religions are fake, have they? These are the people who oppose other religions, in the name of their religions; they are the real deceivers who mislead their as well as others' belief on truth. (2) Prof. Shiv Bhushan Sharma's answer to Is it true that the saints or messiahs of every religion were yogis? - Quora Please enable Javascript and refresh the page to continue

Are you non-vegetarian?

Trophic level Even science proves that energy transfer reduces as we go up a trophic level! And the question of being naturally omnivorous? You have canines & appendix. You think is we should be using them. But evolution itself states that there are behavioral changes as we evolve. On this, one can also say that earlier humans wore leaves & lived in caves. Do we do it now? Similarly, some things shall be abandoned.