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Why can't the oil lamp be replaced by zero watt bulb?

The Science behind Ancient Indian Culture, Traditions Please see atleast the 50 seconds of the following video - If you don't trust this person, visit - , else watch the next video. References:
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Which is the religion?

Every religion in this world, have every similarity amongst them as they all focus on the ultimate truth, all the great individuals who are known as belonging to a particular religion, never told the humoristic falsity that other religions are fake, have they? These are the people who oppose other religions, in the name of their religions; they are the real deceivers who mislead their as well as others' belief on truth. (2) Prof. Shiv Bhushan Sharma's answer to Is it true that the saints or messiahs of every religion were yogis? - Quora Please enable Javascript and refresh the page to continue